Ultrasonically Welded Sidewalled Cleated Conveyor Belt India

Ultrasonically Welded Sidewalled Cleated Conveyor Belts Manufacturer

At Shetty Enterprise, We are Known as leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Ultrasonically Welded Sidewalled Cleated Conveyor Belts in India and as well as Exporter of Ultrasonically Welded Sidewalled Cleated Conveyor Belts in Abroad. Ultrasonically welded sidewalled cleated conveyor belts are specialized conveyor belts that are designed with cleats or ribs on their surface to help transport materials up steep inclines or vertically. The belts are made by bonding a flat conveyor belt to sidewalls and cleats using ultrasonic welding technology.

Ultrasonic welding is a process that uses high-frequency vibrations to bond two materials together. In the case of sidewalled cleated conveyor belts, the process involves using ultrasonic vibrations to fuse the sidewalls and cleats to the base belt, creating a single, seamless unit. This process ensures that the belts are strong and durable, capable of withstanding the stress and strain of heavy loads and harsh operating conditions.

Ultrasonically Welded Sidewalled Cleated Conveyor Belts Supplier

These conveyor belts are commonly used in industries such as agriculture, mining, construction, and packaging, where materials need to be moved vertically or at steep angles. The cleats or ribs on the belt surface help prevent materials from slipping or sliding back down the incline, ensuring efficient and safe transport.

Overall, ultrasonically welded sidewalled cleated conveyor belts offer a reliable and efficient solution for transporting materials in a variety of industries and applications.

Ultrasonically Welded Sidewalled Cleated conveyor belts

Product Details:

Business type Manufacturing, supplying and exporting
Product Ultrasonically Welded Side Walled Cleated Conveyor Belt
Description 2.8mm thick PVC white FDA Approved With sidewalls of height 60mm & Cleats of height 60mm
Capability 50 Units/day
Packaging Details Export Packing
Available in stock Yes
Delivery within 20 days from order date

Features of UWSCCB conveyor belts

  • Outstanding Potency
  • Steadiness of Extra Quality
  • Sturdy in construction.
  • Life Expectancy
  • Long-Lasting
  • Slippery Structure
  • Inexpensive

Advantages of UWSCCB conveyor belts

  • Creates a strong, permanent bond between the sidewalls and cleats
  • Eliminates the need for adhesives or other chemicals
  • Less prone to wear and tear
  • Allows for the creation of belts with custom sidewall and cleat designs
  • Eliminates the need for additional materials
  • Reduces labor costs associated with installation and maintenance

Application Areas of UWSCCB

Fruit pulverizes, Food grains, Food & Drugs, Chocolate.

Services of UWSCCB

Moreover, we supply conveyor belt, conveyor belt accessories along with services like Belts installation joining and maintenance, Rubber lining, Pulley lagging at your site. We are giving annual service contract. Shetty enterprises offer 24/7 belt repair service on site breakdown.