Conveying Belt India

Our company was established in 1999 under the leadership of Mr. Rajesh Shetty. He has vast technical experience in manufacturing wide range of conveyor belt - a medium that used to convey materials in various industries. We have manufacturing plant located at Mumbai, India.

Shetty enterprise offers the premium high performance conveyor belts required for transmission, in lines positioning, conveying and turning positioning. .

Industries We Serve

Conveyor Belts india, Conveyor Belts exporter

We manufacture and supply best quality Wood Conveyor Belt to our customers. The conveyors are made from high durable material, hence, it allows people to work freely and produce large quantity of products in lesser time. Moreover, we provide different types of conveyor belts.

Textile Conveyor Belt, Food Conveyor Belt

We Shetty Enterprise under the supervision of our brilliant experts manufacture Conveyor belts for textile industry. The fabric used in manufacturing this conveyor belts are extremely of top quality. Apart from this, our conveyor belt is sold at low price in compare to other competitors.

PVC Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

We are the most promising and leading manufacturer of a packaging conveyor belt.Our packaging conveyor belt is used for conveying packed or prepared products and materials at factories or any production unit.The belt-alignment system remains for straight till long life.

Conveyor Belts india, Food Conveyor Belt

We are the leading manufacturer and Supplier of Pharmaceutical Conveyor Belt. These belts are used in various work of pharmaceutical companies like from compressing pills, to high speed bottle filling, to off line inspection. We also provide conveyor belt according to the work of the companies.

Tea Leaf Conveyor Belt, Packaging Conveyor Belt

Shetty Enterprise is a very well Known name as a manufacturer of Tea Conveyor Belt in the industry. Tea Conveyor Belt is used for processing and packing of Tea before been send to market and use as beverage. Moreover, we also provide tailored Conveyor belt as per the work of the industry.

Food Conveyor Belt Supplier, Packaging Conveyor Belt

Food Conveyor Belt is used in many food making industries like Chips, Biscuits, etc. On the top of this, we serve our customer as per their demands by customizing the Food Convey belt. Moreover, the price of our conveyor belt is very less in compare to other companies.

Food Conveyor Belt, Packaging Conveyor Belt

It’s a very major problem in the bakery industry to move the items like dough and other materials from one place to another place. Hence, by using our Bakery Conveyor belt, these type of work is done automatically by this belt. We also provide this belt in a customized manner to meet the requirement of all the clients.